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Before her untimely death in 2004, Tracy Hogg (aka “The Baby Whisperer”) and I—her longtime collaborator—conceived our fourth book and final book. We knew that once babies and toddlers grow up, parents needed a guidebook for the decade that followed. So we applied the commonsense principles of baby whispering to the “whole family.” 

1Ten years in the making, Family Whispering breaks new ground. It explains why “family” is more than the relationship between parent and child. By widening the lens to focus on the family as an entity, we illuminate how the multiple bonds and interactions that unfold within a household of adults and children coalesce to form a larger family dynamic. This wider perspective allows us to witness everyday challenges—such as sibling rivalry, communication, and time management—with fresh eyes.



Ten years in the making, Family Whispering breaks new ground. It explains why “family” is more than the relationship between parent and child.

Melinda and KidsInformed both by research and stories of real families, Family Whispering is filled with the handy tips and memorable acronyms that fans of our earlier books have come to expect. The advice is simple, practical, and often counterintuitive (asking kids to help more around the home can make them happier; setbacks can often make a family closer). 

The hopeful message is that with insight, awareness, and “family-think,” we can actually design our families to be happier and more productive, improving the daily lives of parents and kids—and, thereby, benefiting society as a whole.
This book, has been a labor of love–difficult at times, but well-worth the end result. Not unlike childbirth!  I am passionate about the message and love talking about it. I know Tracy would be proud. And now, I invite you to join the conversation.

About Me

As a kid growing up in a household of adults, I eavesdropped from the second-floor landing, eager to make sense of conversations between my parents and my much older siblings. Eventually, I made a career out of this and became a journalist. I’ve written fifteen books and more than a hundred magazine articles (you’ll find my favorites and most recent here), most centering on relationships–which, after all, is what gets us through life.  I know a lot about connection because of my research and, just as important, because of the “teachers” in my personal life: my partner, two children, and three grandsons, and the many friends and acquaintances I’ve met and kept over the years.
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