An Overview

If you’re like most parents, you probably spend a lot of time wondering, “How can I raise better children?” You might “helicopter” or act like a “tiger mom.” Or maybe you think of yourself as a “slacker” or “free range” parent, or you try to be more disciplined, like the French. It probably depends on what books are on your night table. But here’s the catch. These various approaches to parenting popularized over the last decade seem different, but they all have the same shortcoming: they concentrate only on the children.big-family

In 2014, the question you should ask be asking yourself is, “How do I make my family better?”

You’ll find answers in Family Whispering: the Baby Whisperer’s Commonsense Strategies for Communicating and Connecting with the People You Love and Making Your Whole Family Stronger

Family Whispering takes the guilt out of parenting by shining a spotlight on the whole family. It’s not just between you and your child. It’s about your needs, too, and the influence of grandparents, in-laws, and other extended family members, as well as what happens when each of you venture outside the household. The book is informed by stories from the trenches and research that offers clues about how to flourish as individuals, and, at the same time, function better as a unit. The fact is, applying “family think” to everyday routines or unexpected crises gives us the most reliable “intel” about ourselves and our loved ones and helps us weather change and tackle problems together.

All parents, single or married, straight or gay, divorced or remarried, want what’s best for their children. The strategies in Family Whispering are adaptable to your family and its unique circumstances. They will not only improve your adult partnership and strengthen your family’s “We,” they will also do wonders for your children. Allowing kids to take real roles in running the family increases their competence and confidence and helps them become capable and caring adults. Ultimately, because families are the building blocks of society, good “familying” also betters the world.