From the New York Times Best-selling Authors of the Baby Whisperer Series, a Much-Needed Guide to Building a Strong and Loving Family


The Baby Whisperer’s Commonsense Strategies
for Communicating and Connecting with the People You Love
and Making Your Whole Family Stronger
Melinda Blau and Tracy Hogg

press-papers“Parenting is something you do.  Family is something you are,” observed the late Tracy Hogg (“the Baby Whisperer”) in 2004 when she and her longtime co-author, journalist Melinda Blau, proposed a “family book” that would build on the “secrets” of baby whispering (respect, acceptance, calm and careful observation).  And now, reaching out to their old fans–and to all parents who have moved past potty training to more daunting terrain–comes Family Whispering.

Family Whispering is an empowering, mind-opening roadmap that will change the way we view and treat our families.  Filled with the same kinds of probing questions, handy tips, and memorable acronyms that made the first three Baby Whisperer books such a huge sensation, this groundbreaking new book gives readers practical tools for cutting through the complexity and making choices that enable adults and children take on life together.

First, the authors help us shift from “parent think” to “family-think.”  When we focus on the whole, it’s easier to grasp the dynamic interplay of “the 3 Factors” that make each family unique–its members, their relationships, and the various settings and forces outside the household that affect them.  We see everyday challenges–time management, sibling skirmishes, battles over dirty dishes–with fresh eyes.

The advice in Family Whispering is simple, accessible, and sometimes counterintuitive (talk about yourself at the dinner table; let kids fail; before your next argument, write and rehearse an “exit speech”). To help readers tailor strategies to their family, there are self-tests, space for notes at the end of each chapter, and a recurring “For Your Notebook” feature that encourages them to review, question, contemplate, and keep track.

It takes the whole family to build a good family.  Just as Blau and Hogg’s earlier books taught mothers and fathers how to tune in and connect with their little ones, Family Whispering will usher in a new era of family-centered parenting.  It is a hopeful, practical plan for designing and sustaining a resilient family that nurtures all its members, adapts over time, and, not so incidentally, churns out good citizens.  The authors promise that “you will still be amazed by your kids, just not blinded by them.”

Atria Hardcover, on sale: February 18, 2014